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gcc 4.0 patch instructions

Dear All, I have decided to patch the gcc 4.0 and finally produce a clean release of the introspector for popular usage. The code will be available as a replacement for some files in the gcc-4.0.0 source. I am working on the patches right now, so dont expect it to work yet. Of course you can get the prerequisite packages and test them. Here are the steps that I needed to do to prepare the introspector: Install and build the gcc 4.0 * wget * mkdir gcc-4.0.0/introspector/ * cd gcc-4.0.0/introspector * ../configure --prefix=/usr/local/introspector --enable-languages=c o For now we will only use the c language * make We should have a basic gcc there. Now we go into the gcc subdir, patch the files from the cvs * cvs login * cvs -z3 co -P gcc-4 Add all those files to the gccgcc/ * cp gcc-4/* gcc-4.0.0/gcc/ Also, we want to get the raptor and redland libs * Raptor o wget o tar -xzf raptor-1.4.5.tar.gz o cd raptor-1.4.5 o ./configure o make o make install * Redland o wget o tar -xzf redland-1.0.0.tar.gz o cd redland-1.0.0 o ./configure o make o make install * Redland Bindings o wget o tar -xzf redland-bindings- o ./configure o make o make install